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Together we can get the lead out.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your community meet state and federal regulations and plan for removing lead services.

Meet our team of experts who monitor State and Federal regulations and work with regulatory agencies to find solutions.​

Understanding lead service line requirements is essential for compliance and implementation of effective replacement programs.​

Explore useful resources to enhance your present strategy for replacing lead service lines and keep yourself informed about the latest regulations.

Featured Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions ensuring both compliance and consistency

Material Inventory

Data Management

Replacement Plan

Education & Notification

Funding & Financial Planning

LSL Replacements


Why Choose Us

Baxter & Woodman has extensive experience helping communities establish a strategy for replacement, including reviewing financial options and public education components of the projects. We also assist in developing strategies for communicating lead service replacements to residents and businesses through a variety of resources.

Sample Public Education Video

Start the conversation on lead now. Every Community Water System will have to respond to the new State and Federal Requirements.

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