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Lead Service Line Replacements

Removing lead water service lines help ensure the safety and quality of drinking water for communities, ultimately reducing the risk of lead exposure. A full replacement of a lead water service line includes replacing the lead pipe from the water main to the first internal shut-off valve or 18-inches inside the building, whichever is shorter. Partial replacement of a lead pipe is no longer allowed in Illinois.


Note that as of January 1, 2022, full replacements (from the water main to inside the building) are required when a lead water service line is disturbed in any way, whether planned or unplanned. 


When executing lead service line replacements, communities are frequently faced with limited financial resources, the need for extensive planning and coordination, difficulties in identifying and mapping the location of lead pipes, and potential disruptions to water service and traffic during excavation and replacement. Additionally, replacements often require coordination with multiple stakeholders and agencies, including the water utility, a licensed plumber, IDPH, IEPA, and private property owners.

B&W Solutions

Baxter & Woodman’s design team works closely with Communities to plan and execute lead service line replacements while maintaining compliance with the Illinois Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act. With detailed drawings, specifications and early planning, we are finding ways to help reduce the unknowns of performing work on private property and streamlining replacement efforts. Our construction staff are working closely with area contractors and plumbers, finding ways to streamline the replacement process.

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